Kogan 1.7L Smart Glass Kettle running Tasmota

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My journey into integrating a kettle into openHAB for someone else - @spicerackk

This is not intended for the beginner but give it a go.


  • Mqtt Binding
  • Mqtt Broker / mosquitto
  • RegEx Transformation
  • JsonPath Transformation
  • JavaScript Transformation

Put tasmota onto kettle using TUYA-CONVERT

Setup tasmota to connect to wifi
Connect to the webpage for kettle and setup module
Configuration - Configure Other


{"NAME":"Kogan Kettle","GPIO":[255,107,255,108,255,255,0,0,255,255,255,255,255],"FLAG":0,"BASE":54}

Then Configure MQTT with the topic kettle.

In Tasmota console change Setoption4 1 SetOption66 1

Test kettle is working on the tasmota webpage.

Test I can see messages in mqtt from tasmota kettle. I did this using mqtt explorer

A message from kettle for change in temperature


Right the kettle has Power, warm mode and reports temperature.
Blackadder Info - Someone already figured all this out.

Yay now we can look at the openHAB to MQTT

I use VScode to edit config files to add things to openHAB but adding in the UI will also work the same.

Things file - Docs

Bridge mqtt:broker:myMQTTBroker [ host ="", secure =false, username ="open", password ="wide" , clientID ="dentist" ]
    Thing topic Kettle "Kettle in Kitchen" @ "Kitchen" [ availabilityTopic ="tele/kettle/LWT", payloadAvailable ="Online", payloadNotAvailable ="Offline"] {
        Type switch : PowerSwitch  [ stateTopic ="stat/kettle/POWER", commandTopic ="cmnd/kettle/POWER", on="ON", off="OFF"]
        Type string : WarmMode [ commandTopic ="cmnd/kettle/TuyaSend4"]
        Type number : temperature "Temperature [%.0f °C]" [ stateTopic ="tele/kettle/TUYARECEIVED", transformationPattern ="REGEX:(.*DpId\":5.*)∩JSONPATH:$.TuyaReceived.DpIdData∩JS:HEXtoDEC.js"  ]


If you are putting this into the ui ∩ is not N


Switch   KettleInKitchenPowerSwitch                             {channel="mqtt:topic:myMQTTBroker:Kettle:PowerSwitch"}
String   KettleInKitchenWarmMode                                {channel="mqtt:topic:myMQTTBroker:Kettle:WarmMode"}
Number   KettleInKitchenTemperature   "Temperature [%.0f °c]"   {channel="mqtt:topic:myMQTTBroker:Kettle:temperature"}


sitemap Kettle label="Kitchen" {

Frame label="Kettle" {
	 Switch item=KettleInKitchenPowerSwitch label="Kettle []" icon="kettle" mappings=[ON="On", OFF="Off"]
     Text   item=KettleInKitchenTemperature icon="temperature_hot"
     Switch item=KettleInKitchenWarmMode label="[]" icon="none" mappings=["102,0"="OFF","102,1"="40c","102,2"="50c","102,3"="60c","102,4"="80c","102,5"="90c"]


Now because the kettle is sending the temperature in hex and I would like it in deg c it needs to be transformed, so I created a file in the transform folder.


(function(i) {
  if (i == 'NULL') { return i; }
  if ((i == '-') || (i == 'UNDEF')) { return 'Undefined'; }
  return (parseInt(i,16));

Done kettle all working.

Additional comments

transformationPattern =
"REGEX:(.*DpId\":5.*)∩JSONPATH:$.TuyaReceived.DpIdData∩JS:HEXtoDEC.js" ]

REGEX:(.DpId":5.) Filter out all messages we don’t want
JSONPATH:$.TuyaReceived.DpIdData Only look at the temp data in hex
JS:HEXtoDEC.js Convert HEX to DEC

If you want to put warm mode into a rule you would do it like.

// Warm to 60°c

Thanks for the awesome thread! How’d you manage to flash your kettle? I’ve tried tuya-convert but it just won’t detect the kettle. I’ve flashed numerous other Kogan devices without any issues.

I’m worried it’s a bricked kettle, the Smarter Home app can’t seem to detect it either, even though the Kettle AP is appearing.

You can’t flash the new tuya firmware using tuya convert. Its a cat and mouse game, the cat is winning.

Open the handle and remove the ESP8266 module and you will need to flash it using a soldering iron