Kostal Inverter and Smart Meter

Good morning everybody.

I’m using openhab 1.8 with a Raspi 3.0 for quite a while. Mainly to display the status of my homematic devices but with a few speciaI rules as well. Now I started getting my devices active on another Raspi using openhab 2.5.4. The old one is running 24/7 without any problems Thanks to all the smart developers.

Now I’m planning to get solar panels onto the roof. Just 16, unfortunately there is no room for more. I decided to use a kostal inverter with 3 MPP strings which leaves one string for a battery later on. I found the suitable binding, which shows quite a lot of values, some of which cannot be retrieved from the inverter itself I suppose. I came to the conclusion that I need to set things up with a Kostal Smart Meter.

Am I right with this conclusion?

Regards and have a nice weekend, Wolfgang

Heads up for the pv system! Please check throughly if this is the maximum.

My parents use the modbus binding for checking the meter as rules coordinate devices based on a 5 seconds calculation and software denouncing.

And thanks to @mrbig, this is working perfectly for a few weeks now (see [SOLVED] Wrong Values with Modbus and KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter)


Hello Sascha.
Thanks for the information. I think I’ll order the Smart meter as well. I’m already planning and implementing means of how to log data with openhab and retrieve them when my server starts.
Well, 16 panels are the possible maximum, but they point almost directly south. Each panel will deliver 350 watts. It’s not easy getting panels right now due to all these lock downs,
Considering environment… I’m the co owner of a wind power station since more than 20 years, and my share is almost my complete yearly power consumption.

All the best and stay healthy.