Kostal inverter

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I think this add-on is what I would like to implement. Only, I have a SMA Sunnyboy 3000TL inverter. The operational data is accessable via a portal, www.sunnyportal.com. So scraping the data from that one and using it in OpenHab2 is on my wish-list.

I would like to use the current power from the solar panels to manage the charging of our electro car by the solar panels.

Would it be possible to add the reading of the SMA Sunnyportal (scraping) to the Kostal inverter binding, or could we create a SMA one based on the Kostal one?


I think the best solution will be to create a new binding for SMA.
The inverters type of Kostal New Generation are returning the data as an JSON-object.
I am in these days in the middle of creating another binding, but I will be glad to help if there are any questions I might be able to answer. Just let me know.

Regards Basse03

Hi, thanks.

You’re probaly right. Although most of the coding is the same, just the data collecting will be different, I think.
I e-mailed SMA asking for any API they might have. Otherwise it will literally have to be scraped from the webpage.

Basse03, is it possible with the coding in the Kostal binding to login to a https site ?



Sorry, but no, it’s not possible.
You connect to your very own inverter and catch the info with an link like:

and then you will return the answer as an JSON-object.

I think that the best way is to create a new binding as: http://docs.openhab.org/developers/development/bindings.html

and then find out how the data will be best collected and then handle it, so it fit and then use the parts that are useful from Kostal or other bindings.
As I understand must you make the collected data to fit the method updateState(channel, state).
There might be other methods bu this is the one I have used in Kostal-binding.

Regards Örjan

what’s the difference in using the http binding to get the values from the Kostal, compared to using the new binding from Basse_03?
I understand that the httpbinding is more difficult to configure, but once you got it running, is there any disadvantage in using the httpbinding compared to the new kostal binding?