Kostal inverter

Has anybody the kostal inverter running?
The thing tells me, the Inverter is offline, but it’s online.
I can access the server web page.
Status: OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException:Index: 4, Size: 0

I have an kostal inverter running, model 8.5, and FW 05.35
I have the very same problem as you.

I can access the inverter with any Web-browser and see the information I want, but with openhab2 it will not work.

I found an German link “https://knx-user-forum.de/forum/supportforen/openhab/929390-piko-10-ver-05-35-auslesen” and regarding to this I do think that the entire information from the webserver is changed.
I seems like this FW sends back information as a JSON-string and this is not what the binding is expected.

So I do think that we need an upgraded binding that can handle FW 05.35

Where can we get this update?
How to make this?

I can try to send a question to kostal regarding our problems.
We can so far hold our thumbs for an functional answer, anyhow so will I be back with it, if and when I get one.

Kostal is not fare awyay from me, can you tell me what I should aks?
Can you make the update?
I can get the answer if you tell me what I have to ask.

I have already sent them an mail with some questions about our case. The last time I asked them answered they almost the next day, so we will see tomorrow or at least very soon.
If they had a binding that work should it be possible for booth of us, just to swap to this new one. I have done it with another binding so it should be handleable. We just have to wait and see, I let you know further on. I will send you my questions and hopefully the good answer from kostal.


So, I have got the answer,

but first my question:

Hi! I have an Kostal 8.5. with data as below UI06.11 FW05.35 HW0100
PAR02.49 Serial number90523PD50000P Articel number10129558 Country
settingSweden (20.13) I am also running openhab2 but it’s not possible
to make it work. openhab2 doesn’t receive any readable data from the
inverter. It works just great with an ordinary Web-browser, I use
Chrome. The binding I use for openhab2 is as: 211 | Active | 80 |
2.0.0.qualifier | org.openhab.binding.kostalinverter

And this is the answer:

"Dear Sir,

I suppose you mean the connection to the Piko Portal.

The inverter has send his data.

In the next step you must registered the inverter in the portal, in your

In attachment you find the manual."

So it seems like they doesn’t have the answer to our questions, maybe
you to can make a try, otherwise I do think that we have to get in
contact with the people which had make the existing binding. I will do
my very best to find them.

Regards Örjan

Den 2016-11-08 kl. 21:15, skrev LM:

I think this is because the web pages are change.
The binding in openHAB uses the page config.url
I have also read from implementations they use the page index.fhtml.
But in UI version 6.20 these pages are not existent.
Maybe there is a change to get the data by looking wireshark and the kostal APP.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Alexander Wetzel

They will try to give me the data we need.
But at this time I have to sign an NDA.
They will look for an solution without NDA.
In the JavaScript I haven’t found the solution.

I solved the problem using HTTP binding.

  1. In the file http.cfg:


The entries are:
67109120: Current Power (in W)
251658754: Day Yield (in Wh)
251658753: Total Yield (in kWh)
16780032: Status (0: Off, 3: Feed-in)
251658496: Operation Time (h)

  1. In the file kostal.items:

Number Solar_CurrentPower “Aktuelle Leistung [%.1f W]” <power_lightning> { http="<[kostal:60000:JSONPATH($.dxsEntries[0].value)]" }
Number Solar_DayYield “Tagesertrag [%.1f Wh]” <power_lightning> { http="<[kostal:60000:JSONPATH($.dxsEntries[1].value)]" }
Number Solar_TotalYield “Gesamtertrag [%.1f kWh]” <power_lightning> { http="<[kostal:60000:JSONPATH($.dxsEntries[2].value)]" }
String Solar_Status “Akueller Status [MAP(kostal_status.map):%s]” <power_lightning> { http="<[kostal:60000:JSONPATH($.dxsEntries[3].value)]" }
Number Solar_OperationTime “Betriebszeit [%d h]” <power_lightning> { http="<[kostal:60000:JSONPATH($.dxsEntries[4].value)]" }


Great, I will have a closer look and also make a try asap.
I do have an redesigned bundle working, but it’s not quit finished yet. I have to do some more test and make it ready for public.
I think your solution is a big step forward, regarding when we started, with nothing working at all.



are there any news? I have on my old Kostal V 5.44. The V6 for the “bewährte Generation” was revoked.
All older Kostal Inverter are not working any more (2.1 or 2.2) with the Kostal Binding. I´m always getting the Thing offline with an “communication error”.
In my old 2.0 Version the Inverter works like it should, but it was on my Synology and I had to update for e.g. Keba wallbox.

sorry to dig this up but I am experiencing the same problem.
Any news?

I tried the HTTP binding workaround posted by AlexMatic in April, but unfortunately did not get that running. Might have to do with my beginner’s level, but anyway I would prefer an update of the included Kostal openHAB binding - as this is from my understanding not working anymore, right?

Maybe we should try to contact Kostal again? But as I will not be able to “digest” any new information from there in a proper way - who would?

There is this another Thread where one user managed to refactor the binding.
Maybe someone can help him?

I’m in a little hurry right now but I will try to answer your questions tomorrow.
I have got an Kostal inverter of the model New Generation and also an working redesigned binding, I will be back tomorrow.


I’m no professional programmer so I am not very familiar with ex. Github.
Spaceman_Spiff Sebastian, could you please send me your e-mail and I will send the .jar and some info asap.
And in the meantime I will do my very best to learn more regarding Github.


Regards Basse_03

Do you know what Status 1 and 2 are?

I have found some info, I’m not sure but it could be something like:
AC S AC status:
Value Meaning 0 Inverter off
1 Inverter idling
2 Inverter starting up
28 Feed*

ENS S Status of the ENS (device for grid monitoring with
assigned switching elements):
Status of grid monitoring
Value Meaning 0 Grid monitoring deactivated
1 Initialisation phase
2 Pending (start-up of inverter)
3 Running (current feed-in to the grid)
15 Error


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Thank you