Kostal Plenticore: Generic Modbus - or API-based binding?

I’m running OH3.3-release on an Raspberry Pi3 /4GB.

Presently I’m going for a generic Modbus configuration and lots of Things to keep an eye on.
But there’s also a Kostal binding, which relies on the (AFAIK only swagger-documented) Kostal-API v1.

Running perhaps into some issues (OH3: MQTT binding not reacting to incoming payloads) I’m wondering what’s best for openHAB and the Kostal: Modbus or API? Has anyone managed to get a look inside the Kostal, which method is “less stressful” for the inverter? and openHAB seems to have some kind of issues with loads of modbus channels/items…? (see: Modbus performance management in openHAB 2)?
I need fast polling, as I need near-realtime data for my PV-optimized energy consumption.
Is the API internally using the modbus to gather information? So modbus would be the less overhead method?

Anyone an idea, which is more suitable?

No it doesn’t. People just don’t look into detailed technical configuration. You don’t need to for simple jobs - default settings get you started, great!

Just don’t expect the same default settings to be the best choice for an extensive configuration, expecially if using a low-resource host (Pi).

I have no input on the API.

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ok. specifiy: the Raspberry Pi could run into issues, with that many parallel pollings open. :wink:
My question merely goes into the direction of Kostal-internals, if anyone had any insight into how the inverter provides data via modbus or API. My feeling is, the API wraps the modbus information - but I could be wrong. The Kostal Web UI at least uses the API of course.