Kostal ThirdGeneration (Plenticore Plus 10) All DC values are NULL

Hello community/kostal-binding-maintainers,

during this week I switched from OH 3.3 on a VM to OH 3.4M5 running inside a Docker container.

Everything works fine so far, also the Kostal-Binding for most of its values. Only all the DC channels always show NULL values since the switch to OH 3.4M5. Amperage and Voltage are fine.

So I went through the bugfixes and changes and found Add default units for all dimensions by J-N-K · Pull Request #3143 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub which might be interesting here. (But tbh I did not analyze it)

Could someone confirm this behaviour?


Today I tried setting the DataType in the items file to Number:Power for the DC/AC (AC was also subject of this “NULL” problem) power values. This is documented to be Number:Energy in the 3.4 binding-docs ( Kostal Inverter - Bindings | openHAB. )

After changing at least 0.00 W is shown which is better than NULL imho and it could also be correct respecting the fact that there is no sun at a quarter past 7 p.m. in december.

I will verify if values are shown correctly tomorrow and let you know if this was the problem.

Changing the Data Type to Number:Power was the solution. @kostal-inverter-binding-maintainers: Please have a look and change the Data Type to Number:Power in the docs.