kVar on Aeotec Energy Meter Gen5 via Z-Wave

I am trying to read kVar from a gen 5 Aeotec home energy meter. I have everything else set up fine (V, A, W, kWh), but the channels for kVar and kVah do not appear when I add it as a new thing. These channels are new to the gen 5 device, is there any way to add them manually if they are not updated in the Z wave binding?

Or, if anybody can help me sidestep the problem… I have the meter on an old fridge and the meter is reading 3A, 120V, 220W. On everything else I have measured I have roughly gotten W=VA. Since this is way off I am trying to determine if the meter is off or if the fridge has a high power factor. Can I just assume that the power factor here is 220/(3120)=61%?

Did you find a solution for these channels?

You will want to have @chris confirm this, but in looking at the code it appears as though METERv4 is not fully supported by the binding. Specifically, MST, which would be required for kVar and kVarh.

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Yes, you’re probably right from the quick look I’ve had. If someone can provide a debug log for the device initialisation I’ll take a look at adding support.

@chris Here you go https://ufile.io/htje2

Thanks - I’ll take a look at this over the next day or two. I don’t think the problem is with the meter command class. The device is simply not initialising for some reason and I’ll need to dig further into the detail of the logs to work out why…

Great thanks

I think there was a bug introduced a day or two ago with the multi-channel processing. I’ll update the development binding later tonight - let’s get an updated log with that…

Here is an updated log on:
openhab-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT 20180423
org.openhab.binding.zwave-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT 20180425


Please check the log - there is no information in it :frowning: .

Lots of this though -:

2018-04-26 18:37:51.263 [WARN ] [sfs.internal.PollingUsbSerialScanner] - A NoSuchFileException prevented a scan for USB serial devices: \sys\class\tty

Yeah wrong one, 1 sec uploading correct now

Hopefully correct log :wink:

From the log -:


So the value 35 is the list of supported types which is 00110101.

So based on this, kVar is not supported in your device.

That is strange its definitely a gen5 which should support it:

Yes - I know, but that doesn’t seem to be consistent with the version you have at least.

Thanks for all you help; I will create a support ticket with them.

Already have a few other issues logged with them on this unit:

  • Just reporting 2 of the 3 phases
  • Only sending periodic reports if added insecurely

The unit itself seams ok, just the firmware, which I am running the latest of, so maybe they just need to update that.

Apperently only 1&2phase reports kVar at this time :frowning:

From their support: