kWh configuration/parameter POPP (ip44) switch plug


Need some help figuring out how read correct kWh values from a POPP ip44/outdoor switch plug.
Specifically this parameter confuses me:

If this parameter isn’t set I get no kWh value, however I can’t understand the point of setting a static load/watt value
since this will more or less always be a dynamic value, so any calculcation (kwh) based on this static value would be wrong?

I contacted Popp and the answer is that it doesn’t support real measurement of load. Basically, the device energy measurement works best (most accurate) on a device with a static load like a lamp or similar.

Their approach doesn’t have much hope of accuracy. Most things are rated only at their max wattage, not steady state or average. You could always set the value to 1 and then have real values of the amount of time it is on vs off though.