Kwikest 910 lock not recognized

Thus is my lock as seen by a fresh openhab install:
zwave:device:2a594925:node2 (Type=Thing, Status=ONLINE, Label=Z-Wave Node 002 (0090:0003:0238:0.0), Bridge=zwave:serial_zstick:2a594925)

Using This binding:
227 │ Active │ 80 │ 2.4.0 │ ZWave Binding

What did I do wrong?

I am not sure because you gave so little information. My guess is you installed the 11 month old stable 2.4 version.
The database entry for that device was last updated 2 months ago. You may eant to consider installing the latest Testing version, 2.5 Milestone 6. Another option would be to manually install a newer zwave binding.

Version 2.5 is expected to be released as a stable version later this month.

Yep that’s what I did :grin: I’ll look into installing a newer binding!

This install script makes things easier…

Tried the script and ran into the timeout error - but was able to manually install the 2.5 binding and rediscover, locks now identified! Thanks!