Kwikset 910 Deadbolt Unknown Device

I got my Aeotec Z-Stick working on OH2 and am controlling a Leviton Wall Outlet which shows up as DZPA1 Plug-in Appliance Module. My Kwikset 910 is also in the z-wave network and was discovered and delivered to my inbox. However, when I try to configure/link it, it shows up as:
Z-Wave Node 3 (0090:0001:0001:2.6)
Unknown Device

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

Support for the Security Command Class, and therefore things like locks and deadbolts is not yet available. There is some progress being made but it is not yet available.

Fair enough. Should have done my homework first.

I am just getting caught up after being gone for a bit, but if you are running the latest OH2, then you should have some of the new security code included in the latest builds. If the 910 is showing up as unknown, the place to start would be the z-wave database entry for the device.

That is a link to the device list. After a quick search, the Kwikset 910 is not a known device yet, and as such it’s entry needs to be created.

Here is a link to the guide:

I have a 910 available to me for testing, but have not had time to get to it yet. If you have the .xml file, either create an account on the z-wave database and let @chris know, or send him (or I) the .xml file for the node.

Hope this helps.

I am a little confused by what is being said here. On this page: you can download a test version of the Zwave binding. If you unzip that jar you can see that the Kwikset 910 has a product definition in products.xml and kwikset/kwikset_9xx.xml has all of the devices definitions. However OH1 still says that it cannot find the device even though it matches what I see in the debug log for Zwave.

I would love to get some help with his. I feel like I am really close to getting this to work but need one thing fixed to get there.

Hey bud, did you ever get this lock working in OpenHAB2? I have it hooked up and can discover it but when I link to the actual door lock item or something I can’t get it to respond. In demoticz, another OpenHAB competitor software, I was able to get it setup and working fine. This lock’s the only reason I can’t use OpenHAB yet. I’m using the Aeon labs 5th gen zstick on my windows system.

I setup a GE Dimmer switch without issue but the damn lock won’t respond to the trigger. I saw something about paperUI having limited zwave support but habmin has full support. I can’t figure out how to get the HabMin thing working at all.

You need to use the development snapshot version of the 1.9 version zwave binding to use any device that uses the SECURITY command class.

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You can use the master branch of OH1, or the development branch of OH2 for the security classes. As soon as I can work out how best to make the development branch available I’ll make an announcement about it on OH2, but the OH1 binding is also fine.

Hi Rich / Chris,

Thank you guys so much for not making me feel like a complete idiot on this. I have downloaded the file org.openhab.binding.zwave-1.9.0.b3.jar, but I really don’t know where to put it. I see that there are binding items in my userdata folder, but I can’t imagine that’s where the 1.9 jar needs to go, I am assuming that since OpenHAB is running at C:\OpenHAB\ then it would likely be somewhere in there, but I can’t figure out where I need to drop it?

Next part is that when I try to uninstall the binding right now in the PaperUI (devices do exist that use the binding) that it doesn’t seem to uninstall. I can confirm that I see a binding at C:\OpenHAB\userdata\tmp\mvn\org\openhab\binding\org.openhab.binding.zwave\2.1.0-SNAPSHOT\C:\OpenHAB\userdata\tmp\mvn\org\openhab\binding\org.openhab.binding.zwave\2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar. What I’m going to try to do is just rename the 1.9 file overtop of the 2.1 version of the Zwave binding and see if that works. Any guidance would be great here guys. I know this is kind of the beginning ground zero for these smart devices but I’m just missing the basics. Also - I’ve ordered a Raspberry Pi that I’m going to eventually migrate my Windows system to, but the damn things a few weeks out from delivery still.

Glenn Gilley

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The add-ons folder is indeed the proper place to put it. But be aware that you can’t have more than one zwave binding installed at the same time. They conflict, in particular in accessing the dongle.