Kwikset 916 Door Lock - Find out Alarm Type

I am trying to write a rule to parse Alarm_Raw notification from Kwikset 916 Lock so I can update the lock status when it is changed via manual or keypad.

In zwave Logs I see the following:

[ernal.protocol.commandclass.ZWaveAlarmCommandClass] - NODE 64: NOTIFICATION report - 22 = 1, event=2, status=255, plen=0
[ernal.protocol.commandclass.ZWaveAlarmCommandClass] - NODE 64: Alarm Type = ACCESS_CONTROL (22)
[rg.openhab.binding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 64: Got a value event from Z-Wave network, endpoint=0, command class=COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM, value=255
[nding.zwave.internal.converter.ZWaveAlarmConverter] - NODE 64: Alarm converter NOTIFICATION event is 2, type StringType
[rg.openhab.binding.zwave.handler.ZWaveThingHandler] - NODE 64: Updating channel state zwave:device:32303136-3131-3033-3030-303035383136:node64:alarm_raw to 
	{"notification":"ACCESS_CONTROL__MANUAL_UNLOCK","level":"1","type":"ACCESS_CONTROL","event":"2","status":"255"} [StringType]

I see that it is Report 22 in the Notification Report in the zWave Debug log.
22 refers to manual unlock.

However, the channel is populated with: “ACCESS_CONTROL__MANUAL_UNLOCK”.

I have all of the lock codes (eg: 21 for manual lock, 22 for manual unlock), but I don’t have the String that is sent (eg: ACCESS_CONTROL__MANUAL_UNLOCK)

Is there anyway to get the Notification Report type (eg: 22 in the above example) in my rules for decoding Alarm_RAW ?

  • Platform information: Openhabian
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
    • OS: Openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
    • openHAB version: 2.5.x

I’m not sure about the notification type, but for my Schlage Connect what matters is the event type. Here’s my rule, which is a simplified version of one from this post.

Basically, the odd-numbered events are locked states, and the even numbers are unlocked states. When openHAB sees an Alarm_Raw event, it reads the event code and acts accordingly.

You need jsonpath transformation if you don’t already have that installed.

rule "Update door lock status"
	Item Door_Lock_Alarm_Raw received update
	if (Door_Lock_Alarm_Raw.state != "")
		switch (transform("JSONPATH", "$.event", triggeringItem.state.toString)) {
			case "1", case "3", case "5" :
				// logInfo("Rules", "Lock updated to ON (locked)")
			case "2", case "4", case "6" :
				// logInfo("Rules", "Lock updated to OFF (unlocked)")
			case "11" :
				logInfo("Rules", "Lock is jammed, so setting lock to OFF (unlocked)")

The event codes might be different for your Kwikset lock, but I hope it helps!

Thank you. I was hoping to not have to use JSONPATH to parse the entire JSON message if the Notification Code was available as a number.

I am using the ALARM_RAW channel and parsing the JSON, so my rules are working, but if anyone finds a better way to do this, please respond.

If the notification code shows up on a channel that’s available to openHAB, then you can use it to trigger rules. But I suspect that it won’t be much different from what you’re doing now, and probably no faster to respond.

Out of curiousity, why do you want to avoid jsonpath?