Kwikset 916 Smartcode Z-wave with 700 Z-Wave Stick Help setting up

  • Hardware: Pi 3B+, 700 Z-Wave Stick
  • OS: Openhabian
  • openHAB version: 4.0

Can not get newer model Kwikset 916 Smartcode Z-wave lock to create channels, the unit is recognized as an unknown device. At first attempts would not connect but then found it needed to be 12 inches or less from controller to start communications. Read logs it does communicate but never makes open / closed / locked / unlock / channels. Can these be made manually?


However at this point 700 controllers are not directly supported in OH.


Been using OH since version 1.0 and never had much issues until now…
the controller seems to work just fine and seems to be supported enough OH z-wave binding tries communications.

lsusb -v
  iManufacturer           1 Silicon Labs
  iProduct                2 Zooz_ZST10_700_Z-Wave_Stick

it seems to be its listed as compatible as a group of devices


Should have added the lock does have 12 properties listed under the thing. I also tried turning off secure code, no luck…


Zooz uses the same name Zst-10 for both the 500 and 700 controllers. The controller will start up fine, it is just that devices will not be added because they use 0xA8 (see below) to communicate.

Also I do not see the Kwikset 916 in the Zwave DB, so maybe that is a problem (too). A short Zwave binding Debug level file could be instructive. If there are messages using byte 0xA8 instead of 0x04 there will be problems with the stock binding.

Two options for 700 controller (after the device is added to the DB-or is in the DB under a different name)

  1. Use zwave to mqtt as a 3rd party app
  2. Use unofficial binding with a 700 unmerged controller PR (The Release on this page should be considered a short term fix until OH supports it)

seems you nailed it on the messages.

payload=0A 08 1D 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 07 00

Yeah I seen 916SC is not in the database but it’s sister 914C is, so was hoping to manually edit the .xml file created by z-wave binding.

For now I will try the option 2 and see if it builds a more complete .xml file.


If you’ve been using this controller since OH1, I don’t think it would be a 700 Series. They only went on sale 2-3 years ago. What make/model is it?

That’s not quite it, looks like A8 and will be before the payload get separated (example)

2023-01-13 18:35:50.333 [DEBUG] [WaveSerialHandler$ZWaveReceiveThread] - Receive Message = 01 11 00 A8 00 1D 02 08 70 06 70 04 00 00 02 58 00 B8 B1 
2023-01-13 18:35:50.335 [DEBUG] [nal.protocol.ZWaveTransactionManager] - processReceiveMessage input 0<>128 : Message: class=AppCmdHandlerBridge[168], type=Request[0], dest=29, callback=0, payload=00 1D 02 08 70 06 70 04 00 00 02 58 00 B8 
2023-01-13 18:35:50.335 [DEBUG] [nal.protocol.ZWaveTransactionManager] - Received msg (0): Message: class=AppCmdHandlerBridge[168], type=Request[0], dest=29, callback=0, payload=00 1D 02 08 70 06 70 04 00 00 02 58 00 B8

This is the first z-wave item i am trying to setup.
either way added the updated addon updated to latest OH snapshot , deleted old lock thing, excluded it from network. Restarted adding device and now the lock is found and loaded up as a kwikset 914C which looks simulator controller and it works now with three channels “Door lock”, “Alarm”, and “Battery Level”.


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I thought you mean that you had used the controller before with OH1. Once again, what make/model is it? If you’ve found a 700 that actually works with the Z-Wave Binding, others might want to know.

no problem i was no clear.

the model i am using is " Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus S2 USB Stick ZST10" available on Amazon

or direct

Interesting. I’m reasonably certain that others have mentioned that stick before without success. Maybe something changed in the firmware, but I thought it was more complicated than that.

This is going to sound dumb, but can you check the label on the underside of the stick to make sure it says 700? I’m not doubting that you ordered a 700, but Zooz’s 500 and 700 controllers have the same S2 ZST10 name/model and are physically identical…except for the label. So it wouldn’t shock me if you got sent an older 500 model.

If not, I might order one to see if I can also get it working. Annoyingly, it’s more than 2x the price in Canada.

it says S2 stick 700, i did install the updated addon coded for this stick…so I think the updated addon is the fix along with the 914C is basically the same hardware/firmware as the 916SC. Looking as the manuals and troubleshooting for both the have the same steps for setup and procedures…

I’m not sure what you mean by this. If you’re referring to the snapshot binding, there haven’t been any changes to enable 700 coordinators. Leads me to think that Zooz has done something on their end.

But hey, let’s not knock it if it works!

Earlier in the thread Apella12 posted link to unofficial binding which I manually installed after updating system to latest snapshot to match the binding rev.

Yes it works maybe not full support like adding user pins or over the air updates, but basic lock/unlock ,alert status, and battery status are working. Now need to make a rule to update the lock status via the alert status.

Doh. I thought I read it all, but somehow managed to skip that post between visits. Sorry, that was a waste of time.