Lambda/rule to flash lights for a period of time?

Does anyone have a lambda (or any other solutions) that flashes some lights for a set period of time? I have a homebrew zwave doorbell that sends me a Telegram message when it’s pressed and I’d like to enhance that rule to flash lights around the house as well so I can still be notified that someone is at the door when I’ve got loud music playing. Various rooms in the house have a combination of Zwave and Hue lights and I’d like to be able to control the doorbell light notification function via a switch. This would enable the light notification functionality to be turned off if someone is sleeping, etc.

I’m interested in any similar solutions anyone has implemented.

I just wrote up an approach that would flash lights using morse code.

This should give you a good start.

I will note that not all wireless technologies will be able to support rapid flashing of the lights like this.

To override the flashing just have a Switch and check to see if it is ON before calling the lambda in the doorbell rule.