Lamp Switch/Zwave Switch that overrides actual switch

I’ve got some lamps that I’m trying to control(preferably zwave). Each lamp has a physical on/off switch. We don’t always want to use the app or Alexa to turn the lamps off so we close the physical switch. Now, they cannot he controlled because power is physically cut.

Are there any alternative switches/dimmers that would allow the lamps to be switched on and off at the lamp and while also being controlled from the apps? (I’m sure there is some solution, just unsure of the search terms)

Not really if by “lamp” you mean a bulb plus switch in an enclosure and want to retain all functionality
(such as to be able to use the switch to switch the lamp, too).
You would need to open and rewire these which is a dangerous thing to do as you’re not entitled to do so. Other than that, always set the physical switch to on and put a zwave socket inbetween.

Hi Chad; I use the Aeotec Nano Dimmers for a few of my lights. I was fortunate enough to be able to choose a deep backbox, as It was part of new extension to the house. These dimmers allow local control, and z-wave control in parallel (and a second switch for other groups, if needed). They’re not cheap, but they were the smallest I could find to fit in UK backboxes at the time.
PS: these dimmers will also control any type of load too!

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I think this is what your looking for;

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Yes, but in order to not be tempted to switch the power off via the lamp’s switch, I need to bring another physical switch to the lamp. If I could extend the momentary button on the zwave dimmer module to the lamp that would suffice…