Landis & Gyr E350 with USB IR adapter

Depending on the wiring in the building and interference from equipment, PLC (Power Line Communication) may or may not work reliable.
Maybe you can borrow something first…

Thank you all for your help and pointing me to a solution. I really appreciate this.


Hello Rossko57
I have to come back to your post. I still don’t get the point. You think installing a second openhab slave on a Raspberry Pi in the basement is an overkill? I have this USB IR Adapter which I need to connect to a USB port. This is the reason why I was thinking of a second openhabianpi in the basement acting as a proxy. I also could be just a native Linux installation but I thought that it might be easier to send the data from an openhab slave to a openhab master.

Sorry for bothering you all again.

Greetings Manuel

At heart, this is just a remote sensor, like a room thermostat. You could install complete openhab servers in each room to act as thermostats.

There are multiple possible solutions, the choice is yours.

Yes I know that the choice is mine. But I don’t know what choice I have. Do you understand?


By using rules and the mqtt action
It is not overkill
It’s probably the easiest way