Language for semantic model


any recommendation about how to define the semantic model? As I understand it’s a once only definition that cannot be changed later. Will it have any effect on the visualization in terms of language? My main focus is German, but I could imagine changing one of the visualization panels to English as we have English speaking family members.


What makes you think that? The model is encoded using Item tags and Group membership, both of which can be changed at any time.

I think that it primarily uses the language of the system. The model tags are translated into many languages. I don’t know whether it’s supported or how one can use a mix of languages.

In this documentation Semantic Model | openHAB it says “[…] Give it a name, but choose carefully as you cannot change it afterward […]”.
I I understand your second comment, then having two different languages in OpenHab visualizations is not supported anyhow?


That’s the Item name, not the semantic label or really anything that really directly relates to the semantic model. You don’t want to be changing Item names anyway because the Item name is the unique identifier. It’s the ID used to reference that Item in the UIs, rules, persistence, etc. If you change the name it breaks all those places.

But most of the time in the UI what you see and use is the Label. And you can change that all you want. You can also change the Group membership which will move the Item in the model and you can change the tags which will change what the Item represents in the model.

Well, for the UIs you can write the labels in as many languages as you want. Item names remain fixed and the semantic tags will use the system default. But it’s only the labels that anyone other than an administrator is ever going to see.