Large Philips Hue Networks

Wondering if anyone here has very large Hue networks, we currently have over 100 bulbs on multiple bridges and just starting the overwhelming task of adding and managing the bulbs in the OpenHab PaperUI.

I wanted to reach out and see if there is an easier way to manage these Things and Items in the .things and .items files at a more rapid rate.

Thanks in advance,


If the items can be added via a script then yes, the manual way I believe would be faster.

Do you think scripting is possible?

Personally, I chose to use managed Things, as I don’t have any that require repetitive configuration. And I use unmanaged items… get one working then copy/paste/modify the rest.

You can script the creation/modification/removal of managed items too, using the REST API.

Or if you are adventurous you can edit the JSONDB manually. I don’t recommend this approach however, but it is worth reminding readers that the JSONDB is human readable and editable, at least as much as any JSON formatted data can be.