Last try for 2.4

Hello guys, I will make it simple as I can, I’ve search so many time for 2.4 .img.xz to flash it on SD card on RPI 4.

I need the image for Openhab 2.4 .
I had it before my RPI burn and I can’t find it.
Vesion - 2.5 Not good for specific things I use.
Version - 3.0 - I’m used to the Rules.home create scripts by my own, and at 3.0 I’m pretty sure it’s possible but I’d preffer to use 2.4, there is alot on 3.0 I need to re-learn and it’s diffucul for me at that momment.

By the way, I’d have a friend with 2.4 (on RPI Sim Card) if there is anyway to pull that out.

So guys, please if anyone have 2.4 image. It will very helpful for me, thank you.

I doubt that it is a SIM card. Should be an SD card.
You can clone it but that would mean you would have a copy of all his secrets like UUID for myopenhab cloud. Stuff like that needs to be cleaned up.
You can find the software for OH 2.4 here: Central Repository: org/openhab/distro/openhab/2.4.0 in tar and zip file but not as a deb file.
Check your friend’s PI’s file system content if it contains the deb files. You may create a copy of them and install them manually.

My bad *SD Card.

The 2.4 I’m trying to find it’s for my frined, so the 2.4 it’s mine and I don’t care he will clone the UUIS and Secret.

I also saw the Repository of the 2.4 version as you said it’s not deb file.
So how can I install it on the SD card for RPI 4.

In my 2.4 it’s not contain Deb files, where can I find the .img.xz file that flash to SD simple and fast?

Thank you

OH 2.4 isn’t actually on the openHABian SD card image. It downloads it on demand and therefore your attempts to get OH 2.4 that way are doomed to failure.

You could clone his SD card to one of your own and then modify/replace the configs. But he’ll need to do it or you’ll need physical access to it. And as @Wolfgang_S points out there will be secrets in it and that you’ll need to know to use it (e.g. his password to log into it).

I don’t think they exist any longer and even if they did, see above. openHABian downloads OH on demand. It’s not actually in the image. So even if you were able to get the image, it wouldn’t have what you are looking for.

I believe your only option for a clean install is to download that package @Wolfgang_S pointed to and use the manual installation procedure to “install” it.

Thank you for your time and help!
So I will go for the Manual Install from the Repository.
What exactly folder I need to download from that list?
And about the Manually install, you have a guide for that? Or its simple and you can explain me?
Here is the list that I wonder what to choose to install 2.4 stable version on RPI4:

Either the zip or the tar.gz file. The rest hashes you can use to verify you’ve downloaded the file that the originator actually posted.

The docs are a great resource for the answers to almost all questions like this. openHAB on Linux | openHAB

While your statement is correct for images from the 2.4 days, just for completeness:
new images now actually do contain the OH release version that was current at the time of build.
Plus the installation upgrades those if there’s any newer for download.

I was referring to the older openHABian when 2.4 was out and did not mean that the current version downloads it instead of shipping with it. I remember seeing that announced. But it is indeed unclear in my replies above that is what I meant.

So I was on those docs and seems I dont get something.
I read sections:

  • Package Repository installation.
    And also read section below - “Manual Installation”

Like how do I even start by typing command on the Terminal (putty)? My SD card is empty.
I dont need to flash anything to the SD Card?

Well, those instructions are going to assume you at least have an operating system.

Look, for what ever reason you didn’t create backups. And you waited too long to upgrade so now you have a bunch of “upgrade debt” to pay off. Things have changed and openHABian is no longer an option for you because you want/need to restore a version of OH that is too old.

So you’re going to have to learn how to do all the stuff that openHABian does for you by hand. And that’s all going to be far outside the scope of what will be covered in the openHAB docs or on this forum.

Go get and install Raspberry Pi OS. Learn how to configure it so you can connect to it over SSH. Learn how to install all the prerequisites. Then learn how to download and install that OH package. You need to go learn these things because it’s not going to be feasible for any one of us to walk you through all that stuff and you can’t rely on this forum every time you need to figure out how to do something openHABian did for you.

If you only take two lessons from this:

  1. always have a fully tested backup
  2. upgrade frequently because even if you don’t change anything, something outside your control could break or change and then you are stuck in an impossible situation like this; it’s far better to go through the pain of upgrades when you want to instead of when you have to because something broke.

So I have read every word and first of all, Thank you.

I’d now understand the problem infront of me and thinking on what to do.
OH 3 is a bit hard to understand in my case because I am not really sure there is a way to do it old style with programming by your own (Rules, Sitemap, Thing, and Items).
And if it does possible and I didnt reach the correct docs I will be happy to get them.

Anyway about the Manual Installation, I actually know how to run RPI OS and to run SSH in there, and also have a bit Linux knowladge.
So maybe it is possible to do… Or just clone my RPI 2.4 version and copy and re configure OH on his own house.
And as I understand your opinion is to go with OH 3 right?

Version 2.4 may not run on any OS designed to run on the RPi 4 . It was designed for older OSs with different CPU kernel support.

Maybe I will just clone the SD card that contain Openhabian 2.4 image and to copy that on empty one, or move to OH 3 I see now alot of guide that was not before
By the way, can I make at OH 3 a sitemap that looks the same like Basic UI, I’d understand that there is a bindinds of those UI’s , but I remember it was a problem.
Just let me know if it’s possible and I will found the way to do it.

BasicUI still exists in OH3.

I have EXTREME doubts the openHABian OS image will run on RPI4. It requires Debian 10 or newer. The 2.4 image would have likely been based on Debian 8.

After clonning sd to sd and lunch it on rpi4.
Tried to add line “init…” on file cmdfiles but its keep saying Permission Denied & Read only system
Tried also to chmod and reach info outside Openhab forum but nothing helped.

You can use OH 3 exactly like OH 2. There are some changes in rules you’ll have to make and there might be some things you need to do depending on the binding, but beyond that you need not use any of the new stuff in OH 3 and can continue on as you always have, only with a supported version OH.

As long as it supports Java 8 OH will run. I’m unaware of any changes to the new Raspberry Pi OS’s that would break that. Though choosing the 32-bit OH would probably be the best choice.

Yes, because you can still use BasicUI and it works just like it always has. But if you want to use MainUI, well it’s a whole new UI so it works completely differently. It’s much more powerful and flexible but can be a bit challenging to get started with. However, there is a growing number of UI widgets in the Marketplace so you may not need to code or configure anything, just install and use.

Make sure to go through the Getting Started Tutorial if you plan on taking advantage of any of the new OH 3 features.

Many SD cards will have a little toggle on the side which, when flipped, will cause the SD card to become unwritable. Check that first.

Also, if you are not cloning from an RPi then @Bruce_Osborne is absolutely correct, the older Raspberry Pi OS’s will not run on an RPi 4.

The bootloader is different & the boot partition is larger. Here is how some people upgraded from Debian 9 to 10 & moved their card. Since the OP asked for am image that meant an older openHABian OS image with openHAB 2.4.

Does this guide can help me out?
I can take the Clonning SD and put it on RPI 3 and follow the guide, the big question if there is a chance for that…
thank you.

The only 2.4 version we have is openHAB. openHAB is a Java program and will run on any machine that can run the Java Runtime Environment, including the latest 64-Bit Raspberry Pi OS. The bootloader and drivers and all that is irrelevant. We are not talking about upgrading an existing image. We are talking about installing openHAB 2.4 on freshly installed OS.

If you were really meaning openHABian 1.4 and trying to upgrade that to work on an RPIi 4 then yes, that is almost certainly not going to work on an RPi 4 for the reasons you state. But that’s not what you said.

openHAB does not equal openHABian any more than Microsoft Office equals Windows 11.