Latest 1.8.0 Build - All Z-Wave Nodes Go Offline

I have been unable to pin down the root cause of this issue. I’ve removed any USB extension cables, etc. The Z-Stick is plugged directly into the back of the SuperMicro server, which should be more than powerful enough to run my OpenHAB install. CPU/Memory is not under pressure.

My Z-Wave configuration is as follows:

zwave:port = /dev/ttyUSB0
zwave:healtime = 3
zwave:setSUC = true
zwave:softReset = true
zwave:masterController = true

Z-Wave logs:

Have you only changed the zwave version - nothing else? (I just ask as the way you talk about the server is as if you’re not sure if it is powerful enough).

If you swap back to the previous version, does that work ok?

It looks like nodes go dead, and then come back again - is that what you’re seeing?

Chris -

Yes, I’ve only changed the z-wave version. The server itself should be more than powerful enough. I simply referenced that I as i know I had problems on my RPi when I had too many nodes, but I’ve upgraded to a decent rack mount SuperMicro for this use now.

I recently upgraded to build 1009, and my nodes seem online now consistently. Very strange behavior. We can close this out I suppose, though I wish I knew what caused it!

There was another report last night of problems with a build from Cloudbees as well - it all seems ok here, but I’ve certainly seen issues in the past with broken builds on Cloudbees…

Anyway, if it’s working now, that’s good - if anything changes, just holler :smile: