Latest WifiLED binding

I have Openhab 2.0 installed. I am trying to install the WifiLED binding. The binding does not show up in PaperUI or Habmin. Where can I find the latest JAR for the wifiled binding? I will download the JAR and put it in the addons folder. I have looked everywhere for it but cannot find it. I just need the location to download the file.

Did you look at the right place?

or take a look at

Thank you that is what I needed.

hi I am new to oh2 so pls can you tell me how to get the wifi led binding to show up in paper ui or what I need to do to download the right file and where to place it in oh2.


You shouldn’t have to do anything, if you are running a recent version of OH 2. I’m running nightly build #922 from May 20 2017 and WiFi LED binding is shown in the Paper UI (Add-ons -> Bindings -> WiFi LED Binding). You just have to install it from the Paper UI. You can take a look at the picture @sihui posted on March 8 in this topic.

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right ok… I am now reloading a new openhabian and will see if it is on there… any tips on setup to make sure I am doing it right ? lol will let you no what happens