Latest Z-Wave Controller Options?

Our go-to z-wave controller (Aeotec z-stick Gen5+) seems to be no longer available. The regular gen 5’s are still out there but they don’t work on the R-Pi4 without a hub. The other option I’ve seen discussed here is teh UZB. says Amazon is the place to buy it in the US but it looks like that’s gone too.

In general, everything looks like it’s moving to the 700 chips and OH does not support it so this is going to become a serious issue. Does anyone know if there is any movement on supporting the 700 chips? I understand it’s a licensing issue of some sort. Is there a bounty somewhere, or should we start one? Not sure how that happens.

I would appreciate some discussion on this.

They are already selling 800 series. Skip 700 and move to 800?

It looks like there are some of what I have used, Silicon Labs ACC-UZB3-U-STA still available at, but they say it is at end of life and their remaining inventory is not a solution to the issue you have raised.

@BigGeorgeTx - Thanks, I will give those a try for now.

Does anyone have information on the 800 series z-wave?

I recently learned that the new Gen5 (not the Gen5+) z-sticks have updated firmware which allows them to work correctly with the R-Pi4’s.

So as long as you have a good connection between the controller and a 700 series Thing, that device can then communicate with the other 700 series Things in the mesh network and get them benefits of the longer range.

I realized a cheap workaround for now is to place a 700 series range extender near the controller. Let that be a 700 proxy for the 600 z-stick.