Launching app with a button in HabPanel


I am using Habpanel on wallmounted 7" smartphone (Android with fully kiosk browser app). This smartphone is connected via bluetooth to the speaker and I am playing music using spotify. The problem is that spotify is going to sleep after several minutes of inactivity and I need to relaunch it (I have tried to turn off all battery optimalisation features but still spotify is going to sleep). I would like to do it from my personal mobile phone, not the one on the wall. Or even with some script (I am using javascript for rules).
Is it possbile to launch specific app on android device in the network with some button/script on Habpanel?

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I´m not aware, if theres a native feature for that in HabPanel but you could archieve this with adjust’s deep linking feature - the one below should bring you to the start-page of the app:

I’ve tried but this link is opening app’s page on Google Play, not the applicstion itself.
It also opens the page on the device from which I click this link and the thing I need to achieve is opening application always on one specific device which is “music server”.

My fault - I cut too much from the link :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you need to search the internet for specific landingpages inside the app, as your mentioned “music-server”