LCN Binding and Binary Sensor

I installed the new LCN Binding and now my Contact show open when the door is closed.
Is this a bug ?

It’s a bit hard to map from the LCN Binary Sensor to openHAB’s Open/Closed. The LCN Binary Sensor sends 0 and 1. Which of these is mapped to Open/Closed depends on the contact, wether it’s normally open or normally closed.

The binding maps 1 to Open, since this is the unsafe state for motion sensors (motion detected), from an alarm system’s perspective. The same as an open window is an unsafe state.

I would add an option to the binding to be able to invert this logic, if you open an issue.


Hi Fabian,
I opened an issue
But in the 1.x Binding everything worked fine…

By the way, thanks for the new Binding :ok_hand: Great work :+1:

Most window contacts are normally closed. This might be the reason why it was inverted in the OH1 version.

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