LCN-Binding Logic operations throw warn messages

Hi at all,
I’m using the LCN Binding with OH 3.4.5.

Unfortunally throw the binding a lot of warn messages:

[WARN ] [.subhandler.LcnModuleLogicSubHandler] - Failed to parse logic state: 200

This messages is displayed in the openhab.log when a logic (SUMME) from any modul the opeartor AND fullfilled. To reproduce this behaviar one can define a logic (Summe) and control the virtual LEDs in the status window of ‘LCN PRO’. It’s not nessesary to bind an item to the logic channel.

I think you’ll have to file an issue on openhab-addons for this one. How to file an Issue

This definitely looks like a bug.

The good news it’s just a warning. It’s not stopping the binding from working at all.

I can’t reproduce the problem. 200 isn’t a valid value in this context. Valid values are 0=none (NOT), 25=partially (OR) and 50=all (AND). I tested sum 4 and it correctly sends a 50.

What LCN-PCHK version are you using?

It’s a current LCN-VISU. The running PCHK is 3.3.1.

The LCN hotline confirmed that this is an undocumented status code. The “all fulfilled” (AND) status can be represented by 50 or 200, but only 50 is documented.

I added a fix to also accept 200:

It will be available with OH 4.1.0/4.1.0M2.

Hi Fabian,
thank you for your affort. Is there a possibility for me to fix the problem in 3.4.5.

If you don’t use the LCN logic functions within OH, you could increase the log level of org.openhab.binding.lcn to ERROR.

Okay thanks, that’s what i’m doing at the moment.
My hope was it’s to get a jar file for the binding.
But it’s working correct with the adapted log level.
Thanks again.

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