LCN Binding: Setpoint on IOS App via sitemapfile and textual item definitions via channels


i´m on the way to migrate my openhab 2 (openhabian) now to OH3.

Now i run in troubles with the LCN binding

Things are online. Model is configured. And i get the status of variables and temperature setpoints but…

in my old textual config i used for setpoints for the regulators the following item definition:

Number 	Temp_Soll_EG_Stube					"Solltemperatur Stube       [%.1f °C]" 	(Heizung_Sollwerte)		{lcn="[Haus:SETPOINT_VALUE.0.73.1.Celsius], [%i:Haus:SETPOINT.0.73.1.%iCelsius]"}

How could this transformed in the new Channel format ??

if i try it with the following example out of the binding doku i get only the status of the regulatorsetpoint but no possibility to set the setpoint.
Think it should work with profiles but found only profile defined for outputs in the docu and no profile for setpoints.

Number:Temperature Temp_Soll_EG_Stube "[%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> (Stube_Heizung) ["Temperature","Setpoint"]                     {channel="lcn:module:Gusswerk:S000M073:rvarsetpoint#1"} // Temperature in °C

Thanks for any help


Found the solution

Have to define additional to the item definition a setpoint in the *.sitemap file as here i would do the input ( with the IOS app)

Setpoint item=Temp_Soll_EG_Stube label="Stube" step=0.5 minValue=10.0

How it works in MAIN UI i´ll try to find out next