LCN Binding: Use of profiles / conversion of LCN value to temperature values


I would like to read the value from the Regulator Set Setpoint. I get a value, but it is a the LCN value and not the value in °C.

I saw in the binding documentation that I can set this conversion using profiles.

But where can I set the profiles? Or does this only work if I enter my items in a text file?

It’ll be in the part that says “Profile”. The profiles on offer will depend on the channel type, and what options you have installed (e.g. transformations), and obviously only later OH versions have newer profile types.
The profile acts on the link between channel and Item.

What task do you want to do here, divide by 100 and append a C unit maybe?

In the Binding documentation I found the following information

// Regulators
Number:Temperature M10_R1VarSetpoint **"[%.1f %unit%]"** <temperature> {channel="lcn:module:b827ebfea4bb:S000M010:rvarsetpoint#1"} // Temperature in °C

But where do I enter this information in the profiles?

You can select the unit in the Channel configuration. Go to the Thing’s Channel tab and click on “Configure Channel” at the setpoint Channel.

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You don’t.

That part in an Item label is [state presentation] formatting.
In an OH3 GUI defined Item, that same configuration is found in the Item’s metadata, the ‘pattern’ element.

It primarily controls how Item state is presented in the user UI e.g. how many decimals to use, which unit to use. It doesn’t affect the Item state at all.


Because there is nowhere else to specify a “default unit” for a Quantity type Item, like a Number:Temperature type, any unit given there will be used as the default unit.

What is a “default unit” for? You can send a numeric value (with no units) to a Quantity type Item, and the unit will be assumed.
Example, [%.1f °C]
Binding number-only channel updates 1220
Item state will become “1220 °C”

It does auto-conversion too, when used with a Quantity type channel, but your LCN channel appears to be number only.

I don’t think any of this helps you.

Great! It works. very, very simple… :slight_smile: