LCN hostcommand#sendKeys

I have a Question to the hostcommand.

on the LCN bindings page it states:

LCN modules can send commands to openHAB, e.g. by pressing a physical LCN key. The command must be programmed into the LCN module by the programming software LCN-PRO. Only the send keys command (German: “Sende Tasten”) is supported.

Program a command to a key of an LCN module via LCN-PRO. When LCN-PRO asks you for the target address, don’t select any module, but manually enter the PCK host ID, configured within PCHK (default: 4).

Does this alo work wirh a LVN Visu?
How do I find the Modul ID of my Visu? when I use the default 4 I’ll get a Error
M004 → LPRO Hardware nicht vorhanden

I’m not sure if the LCN-VISU has also module ID 4, but I’d guess so.

This looks like module 4 is sending a command to LCN-PRO, but the host command is supposed to send a telegram from any module to openHAB (module 4), i.e. vice versa. How do you send this telegram?

I configured a switch in LCN-Pro as written on the LCN Binding Page (LCN - Bindings | openHAB). The error Message in the busmonitoring of LCN-Pro came when I tested the Command within LCN Pro.
At this time I did’nt expect OpeHAB to respond.

OpenHAB expects the command from the module. So, to test it, you need to actually actuate the hardware switch connected to the module.

the error was in LCN-Pro, Not openHAB.
But I’ll recheck it in the evening

You where right when I push the button then there is no Error message in LCN-Pro.
But I dont see a pushed button in openHAB.
the configuration looks like this:

  - id: "3"
      thingUID: lcn:module:3f20f61e68:S000M054
      event: A2:HIT
      channelUID: lcn:module:3f20f61e68:S000M054:hostcommand#sendKeys
    type: core.ChannelEventTrigger

How does the message look like in the LCN-PRO bus monitor, now?
Is module 54 the module the switch is connected to?
Can you post a screenshot of the command window when you clicked on the key in LCN-PRO?

yes it is.
This is the message:

M054 → M004 Sende Tasten: - 2 - - - - - - A=kurz

What Command Window do you mean?

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