LCN / OH3 - ramp definition


I am very satisfied with the combination with LCN and Openhab3. The interaction is super solved.

However, I still have difficulty in setting the ramp time at the outputs.


  • The outputs are recognized and defined as channel.
  • In the metadata area the ramp is entered as State Description in the Pattern area.
  • The output can be switched arbitrarily. Everything is fine.

The lamp switches despite the entry without ramp. Does anyone have an idea how or where I can enter the ramp value?

Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-26 um 08.11.42-2
Bildschirmfoto 2021-07-26 um 08.10.40

When you click on the Item you can set the dimmer output profile:

Great! It works. THX

Maybe one more short question…
Is it possible to use dynamic ramps via rules?
Example: Use a different ramp at night than during the day or use a different ramp when the lamp is switched on than when it is switched off.

You can link more than one Item to a channel and choose which Item to send commands to. Each link has it’s own profile.
That would quickly become unwieldy for more than a day/night choice.