LCN Rollershutter integration with HomeKit

I am using the LCN Binding to control Rollershutters.
Now, I would like to control them via HomeKit on Apple.
With the following metadata configuration in OH3 UI

value: WindowCovering,WindowCovering.CurrentPosition,WindowCovering.TargetPosition,WindowCovering.PositionState
config: {}

I get the following error and nothing moves:

2021-02-23 15:05:40.403 [WARN ] [bhandler.AbstractLcnModuleSubHandler] - Unsupported command: LcnModuleRollershutterRelaySubHandler: PercentType

Any idea, how this can be configured?

is this item working without homekit labels? can you set them to specific percent, e.g. 50% open?

it could be that your rollershutters only supports UP/DOWN command but not the percentage position.

if this is the case, you would need to write a rule to translate % to UP/DOWN for specific duration.

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