Learn OH / Java - where to start


I hope someone can point me to the right places, where I can learn Java or the tools needed to start. Im aware of the fact that google delivers a buck load of information, but maybe someone can recommend a starting point.

best regards

If your goal is to create bindings and actions (i.e. addons) for OH or your goal is to contribute to the development of OH, learning Java will be quite useful.

If you just want to configure and use OH and write rules, be aware that rules are not written in Java. They are written in a Domain Specific Language that bears a resemblance to Xtend.

I first learned Java (way back in 1997) through the Java Tutorial.

thx for the info
My goal is something like: use - understand - modify - contribute
Right now the “understand” and “modify” part are twisted.

I was watching the ongoing discussion about rate of innovation and numbers of maintainers. My background is way to shallow to be of much help right now - but hopefully in the near future I may be able to help in certain areas.