LED E27 RGB Bulbs - Arilux, Sonoff - any other suggestion?


I was wondering if anyone has experience with this? I’ve found Arilux bulbs, and I know Arilux WiFi LED strip controller works with WiFiLED binding, but I’m not sure if it would work with E27 bulbs. I’ve also found Sonoff B1 bulbs, but I don’t know if Tasmota firmware could be installed using SonOTA (without hardware modification and soldering) the way you can install it on Sonoff Basic and Sonoff Touch? Any other bulbs that could be controlled via OpenHAB, but without dedicated hub (like Xiaomi)? Any help would be appreciated.

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On ITEAD Sonoff switches and sockets - cheap ESP8266 Wifi+MQTT hardware - #401 by davorf Thom mentioned that the B1 does indeed support SonOTA and Tasmota, though the B1 is not the best color bulb around.

I avoid bulbs so am not a good person to answer the second question.

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