LED light strips

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I have installed LED strip lights in my sisters new kitchen and would like to control them wirelessly. There are 4 independent strands. 1 white, 1 blue on one side of the kitchen, 1 white, 1 blue on the other. There is no feasible or clean method to wire these 2 sets of lights, however, each side of the kitchen has an outlet to get power from. I am wanting to control the white and blue independently to include on/off and dimmer function.

Any help on where to start would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you planning on setting up an openHAB system for your sister? What kind of technologies is it likely to have available - wifi, zwave, etc,?

I’m not sure if I will need anything like ardino, raspberry pi, or any open source stuff. I just want a master controller and wireless slave so the lights can be turned on and off and dimmed simultaneously.

Okay, so a hand held remote controller to operate 2 or 4 strips.

4 strips total. 1 set of 2 strips on one side of the kitchen, 1 set of 2 strips on the other each with their own separate power source

What kind of protocol do you want to use? (ex. Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wifi, etc etc).
For Z-wave you can use the Fibaro RGBW dimmer. You can use the in/output mode en control each strip separately with just 1 dimmer.

I will be researching z wave and Fibaro tonight. Those look like a good starting point. Thank you

That stuff is pricey and I want to send a control signal to a receiver after the power source straight to the leds. No AC

What do you mean with no AC ? Most led need 12v or 24v DC. You connect the dc power source direct to the module.

The led strips will have 12 volt transformers connected to 120 volt a.c. outlets. I want to control the 12 volt dc wirelessly

That’s possible with de fibaro module. You can control each strip’s 12v separately. You’ll need 1 ac/dc connected to de fibaro module and strips (max 4) connected to the outputs (R/G/B/W) and change the parameter to input/output mode instead of rgbw mode.