LED Light Touch DIM / Push Switch

I am using openHAB 3.4.2 and until know I have just connected Shelly equipment and a Velux KLF 200 for my roof windows.

I have bought 4 lamps, one with two TCI S-LED DALI SLIM 35-60-90 drivers and the other three have OSRAM OTi DALI 90/220…240/700 D LT2 L drivers.
Both drivers supports not only DALI but also to control it with a standard 230 VAC push switch/button.

In cause of the high cost of DALI to Bluetooth/Zigbee adapters and an addition Bluetooth/Zigbee gateway I wanted to use the Touch DIM function from OSRAM and Push Switch function from TCI.
So I thought to use an Shelly 2.5 or Plus 2PM, one channel is used to measure the power consumption to check the dimming status.
With the other channel you can switch the lights with an impulse on/off and you can control the dimming.
Depending on the counter 1=brighter and 2=darker and then it begins again from the start.

Does somebody already has made such a solution or an idea how to program it?
Or do you know a less expensive DALI/Wireless solution ?

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

127615 - S-LED 90_700 DALI SLIM.pdf (731.9 KB)
ZMP_4054491_OTi_DALI_90_220_240_700_D_LT2_L.pdf (487.4 KB)
334231_Touch DIM_ Application hints.pdf (163.9 KB)