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I am totally new to openHAB project. I managed to install openHAB on my PC, and wanted to add couple of wifi controlled Led bulbs, alltho I can controll them thru my smartphone, I wanted to add the to openHAB. I tried to search for binding/ add-ons to controll the Led lights, but no of them seems to be working. So I dont know if I need the correct lights or if I am doing something wrong?
Link for the led wifi light: Classic bulb shape with WiFi technology | LEDVANCE

If you have any guide or tip I how I can intergert the bulbs to openHAB, that will solve my problem :slight_smile:

Hi Safa, and welcome to openHAB!

Unfortunately, you’ve started with something that’s a little more difficult. I believe the LEDVANCE bulbs are manufactured by Tuya, a company that sells WiFi devices through a number of different brand partners. You’ll find lots of discussion about them in the community, but the summary is:

  1. There is no openHAB binding for Tuya-based devices at this time, and nothing in the works (to my knowledge).
  2. There are a few ways to connect to these devices through the cloud, meaning openHAB talks to a Tuya server over the Internet, which then sends commands to your device. However, things are always changing and I’m not sure what the current “best” method is.
  3. We used to be able to flash a 3rd-part firmware called Tasmota onto Tuya devices, and then use the MQTT protocol to control them. However, this isn’t possible with most newer Tuya devices.

Basically, it’s not impossible to control them with OH, but I would not recommend taking this on as your first task while learning OH. Saying that, you might have more software expertise than I do. If so, do a search for “Tuya” and you’ll find lots to read up on. Just keep in mind that these discussions have been going on for years, and you’ll want to read through them thoroughly to see what’s changed.

If you want an alternative, I personally recommend TP-Link Kasa WiFi devices. I think they’re the easiest WiFi devices to use with openHAB out of the box. I do not recommend Belkin Wemo devices based on past experience.

Hi Russ.

Thank you for the feedback. I guess I was just unlucky with the device of choice. I will definitely look into those posts. It’s a maybe dumb question, but there is no way manually to add them into openHAB ( by IP)?

Correct, there is no way to do that. There’s more to a device just being on the same network as your server. They have to be able to talk to each other. Matter/Thread will hopefully standardize some of this in the future, but we’re not there yet.

The siren call of Tuya-based devices is that they’re cheap and that almost all of them will work with the Tuya app (even if the brand publishes their own app). For the vast majority of people, that’s enough. But if you want to hook into them with a 3rd-party system, you’re going beyond what Tuya intended.

in this post are informations how to add and control tuyabulbs with openhab…
but you should have a little knowledge in linux and openhab to get this working

and don’t get confused by the thread title, it was initially created for OH2 but the guide I am linking to is for OH3… :wink:

hope this helps,


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