LEDVANCE SMART+ bluetooth Led strip integration?

Dear all, I got some bluetooth LED strips for a cheap price. They should be Alexa capable, however, I was not able to integrate them into Alexa.
Is there any chance to integrate them directly into openhab?
I am using Openhab 3.1 on a raspberry pi 3b+
I am happy for any hint :slight_smile:
Best regards

Here is a link to the product

Bluetooth limits the usability. From your link:

Technical features: Android smartphone (from Android 6.0) required for control via LEDVANCE SMART + app.

This suggests to me that Google or Alexa control requires your phone (or another Android) to be connected to these lights, so that you can route commands through it. Or that could just be a misprint on their website.

Someone was working on controlling Bluetooth devices a while ago (search the community), but it’s not as simple as being able to connect any Bluetooth device and controlling it. I suspect that you would have to put in a lot of work to make this happen.

If you’ve got a spare Android device that’s always at home, it might be easier to just use it as a controller.

Thanks for your answer. You can either control it via a app which is called LEDVANCE smart+ (smartphone via bluetooth to the LED strip). Or couple it with alexa. However, this doesn’t seem to work. Either I manage to get it into alexa and control it via the echo binding or directly openhab with the app. I think these are the two possibilities or? However there is no LEDVANCE binding in openhab :frowning:

Ok I managed to integrate it into alexa. Therefore, I can connect it via echo control binding :slight_smile: