Ledvance Smart+ Plug - EU-version with Zigbee unable to pair with Bosch Smart Home

it´s literally the topic, no QR-code, no printed on passwords etc.
and since the Bosch app does not have an autosearch function, they are now either e-waste or i have to return them

any ideas how/if i could get connection related stuff out of them?

they are NOT compatible to the BSH-system
there are a limited variety of lamps, but the plugs are not, and the service said, will not be compatible ever

This relates to openHAB how?? This is an openHAB support forum.

i asked here because others ask stuff about hardware here too, and since i use the bosch in openhab, why not? hell even if noone has any idea at least i could prevent someone else to waste money?? human beings these days…

As has been said many times.this is an openHAB forum, not a smart house one. We have no kowledge on how to get the bosch app to function.

Additionally, the forum is NOT dealing with general Home Automation topics, the focus is on openHAB.