Legacy bindings for openHAB3, esp: ekey, FritzboxTR064 and mqqteventbus

As I’m playing around a bit with openHAB3 M1, I did come across some bindings, I’d like to use with OH3 also - and as the polling in Poll: Which OH1.x addons do you use? was something I missed, perhaps someone has an idea for the following I use:

I know, there’s some discussion around

  • serial
  • expire
  • http
  • gpio

is there a chance to use these with OH3?
and also: If there was a replacement or an useable Eventbus in OH3, I can setup a second openHAB2.x with access to the legacy bindings and just push the items to the main OH3… I know, I could use the REST API, but that’s just a pain in the a$%, if I had to write a rule on the legacy-items for use in OH3.

In case you weren’t aware: this issue tracks the status of existing bindings, and what will happen in v3

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Have another look around for this. While there are grand plans for OH3, the OH2 version is useable under OH3.

Likewise, another look around

I do not think any ‘native’ solution is ready, however this is available now

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for example: I saw, ekey was not voted on (but I do know, there are a bunch of users here in the forum besides me) and if it says “supported”, it’s worked on for OH3? that would be fabulous!

Thanks for the heads up!

@kai is working on a solution for that, I believe. Personally I am experimenting with moving to HABApp which can have similar functionality.

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A native version of both Expire (part of core) and the Event Bus (will be a separate plugin) are in work for OH 3. I can’t say where they are in terms of implementation but I think there has been activity on both.

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