Legal to build bindings based on reverse engineered (network) protocols?

Hi OpenHAB community,

I have recently reverse engineered the network protocol used by a specific line of devices by observing the network communication between the hardware and the original app provided by the vendor.

Now I’m wondering, are there legal blockers to build an OpenHAB binding?

What if the vendor of those devices does not want the protocol to be documented publicly? I guess even the code of the potential binding would be kind of a public documentation.

Are there any exemptions on copyright/IP laws for interoperability use cases to allow such implementations? Both me and the vendor are located in the EU.

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I’d say this is down to them to encrypt/secure it then. Your utilising open communication, not hacking their servers.

I wouldn’t have thought so, many bindings within openhab are reverse engineered

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Agree with above… Most vendors don’t publish their API, hence most devices are supported through reverse engineering