Legato EVE door window

I really like this sensor : https://www.elgato.com/en/eve/eve-door-window

Is there a way to integrate it to integrate it to openhab !?

It doesn’t matter how I integrate it (http exec I don’t know )

There is a openHAB to HomeKit bridge here.

Beyond that I don’t think you will find much.

I know that home kit can send command to openhab but can he receive info like door status or weather ?

The examples on that page shows both switches and a Temperature Item implying that there is two way communication. But you will have to look into that program’s capabilities more to know its limitations.

The long answer is that there is no native support for BT devices like this in OH 1. I believe support for BT devices like this is in work for OH 2, though don’t know the status of it or how universally it will work.

So working with these devices will be wholly dependent on a third party program like this bridge.

Thank you