Lennox iComfort S30/M30/E30 binding

I think at this point I’m ready to present working demo of binding for Lennox iComfort S30 thermostat. This binding works only with new Lennox thermostats (not WiFi model, I don’t have that model anymore but my old binding should still work if needed).

This release is a working demo which I’m currently testing myself and would welcome anybody wishing to use it and provide feedback. Only limited functionality is available at the moment, additional channels planed and will be added in the future, please request what kind of channels / functionality you want to see to be included.

Few words about internal operation of the binding. Only local connections are supported (currently I don’t have plans to include cloud connection, if needed please provide justification, I don’t see requirements for that). Binding works by requesting data messages from the system and parsing them, however I can request a message, it comes randomly and could be a slight delay with presented information (in case it was changed directly on thermostat / app).

On the first run binding will generate APP ID and save it, it is recommended to re-use that ID in case of configuration wipe. In my testing on the first run after ID was generated binding failed to connect to the thermostat system, seems like binding restart fixed that. I’m currently trying to determine why so if this happening to you please provide log and restart the binding.

Not all internal logic is implemented yet, so possible you experience some unwanted results especially with schedules, again please provide debug logs and I’ll be working on polishing the code.

Current JAR file is available here:

Code in the repository here:

My current goal is to polish the code and add required functionality to add binding to the marketplace for a wide audience.

Final note: API is not available from Lennox and everything is based on reverse engineering by me and PeteRager creator of original api code in python: GitHub - PeteRager/lennoxs30api: API for communication with Lennox S30 / E30 climate controls using Lennox cloud or local connection I’m very grateful for his work!