Let Paper UI edit tags of items

Please enable Paper UI to edit tags of items. Due to the high interest in Alexa usage we need an easy way to tag. Tagging of items created in Paper UI ist only possible thru the REST Api Page, which is really complicated.

Have your tried habmin yet? You can add the tags in habmin pretty easily. Also, with the new Alexa openhab skill you can connect to myopenhab and have access the devices without having to tag them. That is the method i am using now.


Habmin does only show me the items but readonly. Items not tagged do not show up in Alexa.

Do you have the openhab skill loaded on your alexa app on your mobile? Once you have that, and you have myopenhab.org account setup and running(need to install binding within OH), the items should show up when you discover within the alexa app.