Levels of Authority on local OpenHAB install

I want to give each user their room and only allow them to control their room. Such that User A cannot click on the UI in User B’s room. (OpenHAB Panel).

Does this capability exist, if not can a developer point me on how to add it? I have plenty of programming experience to add it, would just need guidance on where…as I have not looked at the source code yet.

OpenHAB doesn’t support the concept of users, at all, afaik.

Any chance you could point be to the proper place to insert such a feature?

That would be a truly huge job. You’d have to start in core and smarthome and work out from there, I’d guess.

I am not so sure about that. If the goal is to have authorization levels down to individual items, then this is probably correct.

I believe, however, that what is being asked for (and what makes most sense) is to hav authorization levels in the UI to control access to different sitemaps (i.e. a particular user is only allowed to access his/her sitemaps). It is then up to the system administrator to provide sitemaps that only contains stuff that is safe for a certain user.

With this approach, I guess “the only” thing that is affected is the part of OpenHAB that serves up the web pages. Still it is probably a substanial job to include this, but I think it can be isolated to the “UI domain”.

I agree. You could setup a nginx (you do anyway, don’t you ?) to do HTTP auth and redirect every user to ‘his’ sitemap only.

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