Leviton DZR15 Outlet

I picked up one of these outlets recently and was going to install it tomorrow here in the home.

I know only1 of 2 receptacles can be zwave controlled. But does anyone know if the outlet reports the power usage of both outlets? I can’t seem to find any information on it.


So I installed this today and found out it really doesn’t meet the needs I was hoping for and the outlet does not report the Electrical Usage at all, neither outlet :frowning:

So would anyone have any suggestions on tracking the electrical usage of an outlet? preferable both receptacles on the outlet, but I’ll take whats out there.

I came across 2 potentials, the Zwve Enerwave ZW15RM and a Wifi one mFI-MPW but unsure if the report the usage on both outlets or not.

Anyone have any suggestions for someone located in the U.S?