Lexi Lighting 💡

Anyone familiar with this new brand of lighting that claims to be compatible with HUE and many others, works with all of the voice assistants and has API’s available?

From what I can tell they are getting ready to launch at Kickstarter.

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Looks interesting, thanks for sharing @KidSquid.:+1: Any idea, compared to similar brands, about the prices?

Reading their press this line gives me a little pause:

So you already own smart lights from another manufacturer. No problem, you can run those through your Lexi Mobile App too.

They are offering their own Hub and their Hub can work with Hue and the others. But it doesn’t appear, as far as I can tell, that we can use their lights directly from OH without their Hub. That’s not really so great of a deal as many other technologies like this also require their hub to work with OH.

The good news is they have a pretty thorough API.

From there it appears the lights themselves use Bluetooth LE Mesh at 900MHz so it might theoretically be possible for OH to work with them directly some day.

It does look like it will be a cloud based API though but it’s hard to tell after a quick scan.

If you click on Products on the main page they list all their prices. Their Hub is $60, bulbs are $25-$30. Art lights and the like are $100+


From what I read their lights work with and without their hub.

We want Lexi to work for you-so go Hubless if you like. You can always upgrade later.

True, but in that case, as far as I can tell, you need to use their app from your phone to control them. I did not get the impression that the lights work with other hubs, just that lights from other hubs will work with their hub.

I could be wrong, it can be challenging to read marketing slick sheets like that and really understand the limitations.

They are BTLE though so I don’t think there is an official OH binding that will work with it. There is an unofficial BT binding that might work, it’s hard to tell.