LG HomBot binding

I just created a first version of a binding for a hacked LG HomBot.
See https://www.roboter-forum.com/index.php?thread/10009-lg-hombot-3-0-wlan-kamera-steuerung-per-weboberfläche/ for how to install webserver and wifi module.

Binding can be found here:

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See also this post.

New version with cleaning map and weekly schedule info.
If anyone has tried the binding I’m all ears. If anyone is interested in doing some localisation I would be happy.

Very interested in this, was specifically looking for it! In a few weeks, I should have some time to try it out. Thanks for your work!

Nice work! This binding just works! Nice touch with the camera feedback and also cleaning map!

Yes works for me, too. Thanks a lot!

Did you submit a PR to make this become a regular addon to openHAB?

Yes, it’s here

Hey guys, could you please give me a hint how to install this binding? I see no jar file on GitHub.

It’s in the .jar.zip file, might have to click on the Asset link to see it.

Is there an up-to-date jar available for download ? The bundle does not seem to be part of openhab2-addons yet and I didn’t find any download location so please point me to one ifavailable, thanks.

I’ll try to do a new build tomorrow and put up a jar.

A zip is now available at https://github.com/FluBBaOfWard/openhab2-addons/releases/tag/Release-4

seems to work - thanks