LG rs-232 control via raspberry Pi

Hello all,

As the title suggests, I’m attempting to control a slew of LG flatscreens (model 42LX330C), and stumbled upon the openHAB community / LG serial control binding while scouring the internet for solutions.

The big hurdles in my setup are:

  1. the LG tv’s are lacking IP/ethernet ports, so must use rs-232 serial control
  2. tv’s are positioned in pairs along a 100ft/33m span, thus was hoping to add a Raspberry Pi w/ wifi and USB-to-serial cables to connect (2) tv’s to (1) rPi

Will definitely have a central OH server to control them, just trying to figure out how to bind the LG-tv through the rPi USB connection?

If anyone has a similar project / setup, please post a link/info, and thanks in advance


An alternative approach might be wifi to rs232 dedicated server(s), such as USR products.
I’ve looked at doing something similar myself, but not implemented.