LG Smart ThinQ

I just checked and my washdryer still works - I’ve got the updated iOS-App from LG too…

Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: rinse : NO_RINSE
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: soilWash : NO_SOILWASH
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: spin : NO_SPIN
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: standby : STANDBY_OFF
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: state : INITIAL
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: steam : STEAM_OFF
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: temp : NO_TEMP
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: turboShot : TURBOSHOT_OFF
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: deviceId : d10c76a0-1615-1692-a016-60ab14703937
Dec 18 10:20:44 openhab bash[861]: type : monitoring

Can you please try again, just to be sure it wasn’t a problem on LG’s side?

@mgw hi mate ,great job with Thinq ,i have a washer and a dryer.I have a problem with “remainingtime” of the dryer.It shows the minutes right but it cuts the hours.For example if remainingTime is 2 hours and 55 min so 10.500 seconds it shows only 3.300 which is 55 min.See below a screen shot

my washer’s remainingTime is accurate like the LGThinq app.I am from Greece connected at a european server and eng lanquage .Any ideas how to fix that?

There’s an outstanding Pull Request which fixes this.

I manually applied the fix to my local copy (after pulling it from github)

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nice to here that!Can u tell me how can i apply it to my local copy?Or is it better to wait for it to be merged into the main code?

That Pull Request has been awaiting merging for 3 months now… :frowning:

To apply it yourself, look at the list of changes, and make the same change to your local files. This is just basic text file editing.

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mate i am far from being a coder and using github…just a copy/paster here :slight_smile: so if there is an easy way to guide me or i will wait for the fix…

I have merged the provided PR

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Just installed Thinq-MQTT-Proxy and its working well - thanks very much @mgw
I got around the install process failing with a JAVA_HOME error by prefixing java with the full path to java 8


on my debian PC based system. I also needed to add this to the thinq-mqtt-proxy.service file located in /etc/systemd/system

Actually, I’ve already developed an AddOn for LG Smart Thinq (only works for Air Conditioners for now) for the both version 1 and 2 of LG API. I started the review process trying to contribute with this amazing OpenHab project. Let’s see if in the next months it’s already officially available.


Hmm, cannot see your pull request. Could you share the link/PR number.

Hi, @hmerk. I’m still finalizing the README and some more unit tests, just to be consistent with the guide. So, I think still today or tomorrow I will open the PR and share here with you guys.


Hi, Any news about this? Have you done an Openhab Add-on (Binding?) This would be amazing

Please follow this topic, binding is running here :wink:

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Awsome job @mgw on the script for reading data into MQTT. I keep using my old IR blaster to control my LG A/C unit. It is so unfortunate that still to this day we don’t have a way to control it with Openhab using Wi-Fi. Do you know if there is any ongoing development for this?

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Please use @nemer implementation as he is actively maintaining the plugin. The link is two posts above.