LG Smart ThinQ

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I am new to Openhab - Using the Openhabian version on a Raspberry Pi3 B.
Everything is working well.
I do have a new LG Refrigerator Wifi Enabled. LG Automation platform is called Smart ThinQ and there is an iOS App to monitor the refrigerator. I did set it up and all is good but I would like to integrate it with my Openhabian so I can add it to my Sitemap.
Searched through the bindings available but the only one I found for LG was LG WebOS which I believe is for their TVs
Is there a binding that would allow me to add the refrigerator?

Alas, I think there is no binding to support this directly. However, it seems like the ThinQ API is http/REST so you should be able to use the http binding to integrate this with OpenHAB.
Check out the ThinQ API

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Thank you I am going to have to do some serious thinking and research on how to use this as I am not familiar with the programming side
I will post back if I make progress

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Any progress?

Didn’t have a chance to look at how to use the http binding and the API

Well I thought getting the API key would be easy but it turns out you have to APPLY to become a partner which sounds a little crazy



What about this?

I’m considering buying an LG washer SmartThinQ so I can include it in OH and see it’s state start/stop, etc…
This repo contains an example.py also, you can try that. What I thought is that you can easily copy that example and add paho mqtt to it, so you can easily send those states and receive it with OH

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I looked at this a week ago but didn’t know how to proceed with it past the script authentication with the LG smart ThinQ. It seemed to bring back the key and identified the device as a refrigerator but I didn’t know how to further use it
Let me know if you are able to get it to work

I don’t have any SmartThinQ devices yet, but I will be buying a Washing Machine (equipped with SmartThinQ) later. I just wanted to get an idea how hard it is to get this thing working in openHab (because if not, I won’t go with the pricier version, including SmartThinQ).
I had a quick look at this solution, it seems that you have to manually write commands for refrigrerator, because these are not included (just for AC some sample command).
If I will get my washer, I will try to write an MQTT connector for it. But because I will only have a washer, it won’t work with other devices, because I don’t know the structure of them

I have written plugin for smartthinq devices, but for Domoticz platform. For my AC I can set fan rate, mode, filter status and more. I’m planning to share script, but still I haven’t found time for doing it.

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I also have a heat pump LG and I looked for a plugin for Domoticz. When you have time it would be possible to share it on a platform.
thank you,

Hi, I am not a Java programmer so I dont know how to start developing a binding for openhab, but this could be a starting point it’s a reversed engineered ThinQ API in PythonThinQ LG API Python

I tried in Python and it works. It’s important to config Language and Location in Wideq.py
For example for Germany:

Guys, I need tester for this plugin for Domoticz, then I will publish it. Last weekend I have add my friend’s AC by my plugin, so code is operating on two Domoticz based systems :slight_smile:
I modified wideq, because it was not supporting fully all functionality for AC (Fan rate, filter, ionizer). Software is written in the way server-client, so it is possible to implement easily client in Java :slight_smile: and do Openhab binding.


P.S.: I was able to talk also with my washing machine, but I don’t see any sense for making that :wink:

I try run your solution on domoticz and i have problem with link to login account. I copy link from python3 example.py and pasting to browse

https://pl.m.lgaccount.com/login/sign_i … country=PL” .

I see login page and enter a login and password. after i click sign in i have information about page not found.

https://pl.m.lgaccount.com/login/iabClo … os_type=PC

When i copy this link to python3 example.pyi get error :

“Log in here:
https://pl.m.lgaccount.com/login/sign_i … LGAO221A02
Then paste the URL where the browser is redirected:
https://pl.m.lgaccount.com/login/sign_i … LGAO221A02
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “example.py”, line 214, in <module>
File “example.py”, line 195, in example
client._auth = authenticate(client.gateway)
File “example.py”, line 19, in authenticate
return wideq.Auth.from_url(gateway, callback_url)
File “/home/pawel/LGAC_SmartT/wideq.py”, line 247, in from_url
access_token, refresh_token = parse_oauth_callback(url)
File “/home/pawel/LGAC_SmartT/wideq.py”, line 162, in parse_oauth_callback
return params[‘access_token’][0], params[‘refresh_token’][0]
KeyError: ‘access_token’”

My qestion, What i do wrong?

Hi guys, what’s the status here? I‘m going to buy LG air conditioners if they could be controlled with OH. i have also the Skills to build a binding.

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I have also purchased air conditioners from LG which will be placed soon. It would be nice if I could also operate this via OH. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of programming. :grinning:

What is the status on a binding for openHAB? Also, does homeBot use the same protocols?, maybe adding in other thinQ to the binding already in place?

I’m interested also in the Openhab binding for the LG Smart ThinQ for an Air Conditioner.

i always have two air conditioners from LG still running. But with the tado binding and ir function. I am very interrested in a ThinQ binding too.
Greetings, Markus

Hi I would also be interested as i am aiming to get me a washing machine from lg.