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I have LG tv with Webos. I followed lgtv Webos binding & connected my TV with openhab2.
It works fine, but some time not working even if I can ping TV successfully.
Error in log is as below.
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2019-02-04 19:39:00.009 [ERROR] [ntime.internal.engine.RuleEngineImpl] - Rule ‘Power on TV via Wake on LAN’: The name ‘LG_TV0_WOL’ cannot be resolved to an item or type; line 6, column 18, length 10

Could you post your item definition file and your rule definition?

actually i followed documentation example as mentioned below.

Things file

Thing lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1 [ deviceId="b52453f0-3d3c-4506-b16a-0d17304e5939" ]

Items file

 Switch LG_TV0_Power "TV Power" <television> (GF_LivingRoom_TV,gLight ) ["Lighting"]{ autoupdate="false", channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:power" }
    Switch LG_TV0_Mute  "TV Mute"  <soundvolume_mute>             (GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight) ["Lighting"]{ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:mute"}
    Dimmer LG_TV0_Volume "Volume [%S]"          (GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight) ["Lighting"]{ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:volume" }
    Number LG_TV0_VolDummy "VolumeUpDown"       /*(GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight) */
    Number LG_TV0_ChannelNo "Channel [%d]"      (GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight) ["Lighting"]{ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:channel" }
    Number LG_TV0_ChannelDummy "ChannelUpDown"  /*(GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight)*/ 
    String LG_TV0_Channel "Channel [%S]"        (GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight) ["Lighting"]{ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:channelName"}
    String LG_TV0_Toast                         /*(GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight)*/{ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:toast"}
    Switch LG_TV0_Stop "Stop"                   (GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight) ["Lighting"]{ autoupdate="true", channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:mediaStop" }
    String LG_TV0_Application "Application [%s]" /*(GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight)*/{ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:appLauncher"}
    Player LG_TV0_Player                         (GF_LivingRoom_TV, gLight){ channel="lgwebos:WebOSTV:tv1:mediaPlayer"}

Rules file

rule "Power on TV via Wake on LAN"
Item LG_TV0_Power received command ON
    sendCommand( LG_TV0_WOL, ON)

// for relative volume changes
rule "VolumeUpDown"
when Item LG_TV0_VolDummy received command
    switch receivedCommand{
        case 0: LG_TV0_Volume.sendCommand(DECREASE)
        case 1: LG_TV0_Volume.sendCommand(INCREASE)

// for relative channel changes
rule "ChannelUpDown"
when Item LG_TV0_ChannelDummy received command
    var currentChannel = LG_TV0_ChannelNo.state as DecimalType
    switch receivedCommand{
        case 0: LG_TV0_ChannelNo.sendCommand(currentChannel - 1)
        case 1: LG_TV0_ChannelNo.sendCommand(currentChannel + 1)

Your error message speaks the truth; you do not have an Item called LG_TV0_WOL

i deleted that item from Items file.
currently binding working fine but still some time while i powerd off & on tv it stopped working.

i will gather error data and revert back so you guys can help me.

thanks for reply.