[LG Web OS] How to open settings (or activate MultiView)?

I want to automate some more things on my new LG OLED (OLED77C29LD).

To save energy/mony I want to decrease the picture size.
Sometimes I am sitting closer to the TV and the picture does not have to bee full screen.
So I actrvate MultiView in combination with SceenShare as the other picture.
After a few seconds the second picture gets black and leaves me with a single picture only a quarter of the fulls size.
This takes about 50 Watt instead of 75 Watt.

So my goal is to automate this steps.

I want to send these button presses to activate MultiView.

  • settings
  • up
  • up
  • up
  • up
  • up
  • Enter
  • down
  • Enter

Unfortunately there seems to be no settings button in this binding.

Is there any way to add this button or another way to open the settings menu?

I don’t know anything about the LG Web OS Binding, but if there’s no native solution then you might be able to use a Broadlink RM4 controller.

Look at the channel rcButton in binding documentation.

I did.

But there is no button called SETTINGS.

Maybe there is a a way for me to find more available buttons with try-and-erro or in the debug logs.
That is why I am asking for help. :slight_smile:

You can probably use the application channel to first open the settings.

I do not think the settings count as an application.

In fact I am talking about the quick settings menu on top of the playback.

I have a LG webos tv version 5.4.1 and there is a setting app, that will open the settings menu.

Just link a string item to the application channel and all the available options will be populated by the binding

I did not expect so many available options…

There is even a com.webos.app.multiviewsettings application which makes it even easier for me.

Here is a complete list of my TV, in case anybody is wondering.

airplay : AirPlay
amazon : Prime Video
amazon.alexa.view : Amazon Alexa
amazon.alexapr : Amazon Alexa
ard.mediathek : ARD Mediathek
com.disney.disneyplus-prod : Disney+
com.lgshop.app35 : Shop Time
com.palm.app.firstuse : Erste Verwendung
com.palm.app.settings : Einstellungen
com.webos.app.acrcomponent : LivePlus
com.webos.app.acrhdmi1 : LivePlus
com.webos.app.acrhdmi2 : LivePlus
com.webos.app.acrhdmi3 : LivePlus
com.webos.app.acrhdmi4 : LivePlus
com.webos.app.acroverlay : LivePlus
com.webos.app.adapp : Werbung
com.webos.app.appcasting : APP CASTING
com.webos.app.atelier : Line View
com.webos.app.beanbrowser : BeanBrowser
com.webos.app.booteffect : Booteffect
com.webos.app.browser : Webbrowser
com.webos.app.btspeakerapp : Bluetooth Audio-Wiedergabe
com.webos.app.btsurroundautotuning : Bluetooth Surround Auto Tuning
com.webos.app.camera : Kamera
com.webos.app.care365 : Remote Management for OLED TV
com.webos.app.channeledit : SENDERMANAGER
com.webos.app.channelsetting : Sendereinstellung
com.webos.app.connectionwizard : Universalsteuerungs-Einstellungen
com.webos.app.crb : Connected Red Button
com.webos.app.customersupport : Kundendienst
com.webos.app.discovery : Apps
com.webos.app.dvrpopup : DvrPopup
com.webos.app.externalinput.av1 : AV
com.webos.app.externalinput.av2 : AV-2
com.webos.app.externalinput.component : Komponente
com.webos.app.externalinput.scart : AV1
com.webos.app.facebooklogin : Thirdparty Login
com.webos.app.factorywin : QML Factorywin
com.webos.app.familycare : FamilyCare
com.webos.app.firstuse-overlay : First Use Overlay
com.webos.app.gamehome : Game Home App
com.webos.app.gameoptimizer : GameOptimizer
com.webos.app.hdmi1 : HDMI-1
com.webos.app.hdmi2 : HDMI-2
com.webos.app.hdmi3 : HDMI-3
com.webos.app.hdmi4 : HDMI-4
com.webos.app.home : Home
com.webos.app.homeconnect : Home Dashboard
com.webos.app.igallery : Kunstgalerie
com.webos.app.inputcommon : InputCommon
com.webos.app.installation : Installation
com.webos.app.lgchannels : LG Channels
com.webos.app.lifeonscreen : Life On Screen
com.webos.app.livedmost : Live Dmost
com.webos.app.liveginga : Live Ginga App Launcher
com.webos.app.livehbbtv : Live HbbTV
com.webos.app.liveinteractivecontent : Live Interactive Content
com.webos.app.livemenu : Guide
com.webos.app.livepick : LivePick App
com.webos.app.livetv : Live TV
com.webos.app.magicnum : Magic Number
com.webos.app.mediadiscovery : Media Player
com.webos.app.membership : LG-Mitgliedschaft
com.webos.app.miracast : Screen Share
com.webos.app.miracast-overlay : Screen Share
com.webos.app.multiviewsettings : Multi View
com.webos.app.notificationcenter : Benachrichtigungen
com.webos.app.onetouchsoundtuning : One Touch Sound Tuning
com.webos.app.oobe : First Use-OOBE
com.webos.app.rdp : RDP
com.webos.app.rdpgui : Remote Desktop PC
com.webos.app.recordings : Aufnahmen
com.webos.app.remoteservice : Remote Service
com.webos.app.remotesetting : Einstellung der Fernbedienung
com.webos.app.roomconnect-full : Raum an Raum-Freigabe
com.webos.app.scheduler : Planer
com.webos.app.screensaver : Screen Saver
com.webos.app.self-diagnosis : Schnellhilfe
com.webos.app.shoppinghdmi1 : Shopping Overlay App
com.webos.app.shoppinghdmi2 : Shopping Overlay App
com.webos.app.shoppinghdmi3 : Shopping Overlay App
com.webos.app.shoppinghdmi4 : Shopping Overlay App
com.webos.app.shoppingoverlay : Shopping Overlay App
com.webos.app.softwareupdate : Software Update
com.webos.app.sportsteamsettings : Sport-Alarm
com.webos.app.store-demo : Demo im Geschäft
com.webos.app.sync-demo : Sync Demo
com.webos.app.tvhotkey : Local Control Panel
com.webos.app.tvsimpleviewer : Viewer
com.webos.app.tvuserguide : Benutzeranleitung
com.webos.app.voice : Suche
com.webos.app.voiceweb : voiceweb
com.webos.app.weatherlocation : Standorteinstellung
com.webos.app.webapphost : Web App
com.webos.exampleapp.enyoapp.epg : com.webos.exampleapp.enyoapp.epg
com.webos.exampleapp.groupowner : com.webos.exampleapp.groupowner
com.webos.exampleapp.nav : com.webos.exampleapp.nav
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.negative.one : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.negative.one
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.negative.two : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.negative.two
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.positive.one : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.positive.one
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.positive.two : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.client.positive.two
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.discover : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.discover
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.epg : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.epg
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.hbbtv : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.hbbtv
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.livetv : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.livetv
com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.search : com.webos.exampleapp.qmlapp.search
com.webos.exampleapp.systemui : System UI Example
com.webos.service.billing.app : Billing service launcher
com.webos.service.homeconnect.app : Home Dashboard service launcher
de.zdf.app.zdfm3 : ZDFmediathek
google.assistant : Google Assistant
google.assistant.promo : Explore Google Assistant
netflix : Netflix
tagesschau : Tagesschau
ui30 : Rakuten TV
yandex.alice : Yadex Alice
youtube.leanback.v4 : YouTube

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